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sniper:mad:sniper:dead:dead: I hope you're laughing now. Last I checked, the whole point of a sniper rifle is to get shots in relatively tight quarters, where an anti-materiel rifle is going to bounce off. You get a near-instant shot with a 7.62 round, even a civilian 7.62 round. A.308 will shoot a.308 round, and that will be the round that goes through armor and headshots. And it's not entirely clear that the 7.62 isn't a better round, either. Sure, the.308 is better at piercing armor. But a 7.62 has a nearly identical effective range against armor. And while most of the rounds that go through the other end of your rifle will be real HEI, the 7.62 is pretty good against hollowpoints, too. Then there's the fact that you have a decent chance of hitting multiple targets with a near-instant 7.62 round. At 200-250 yards, you're not going to be able to land any headshots with a.308, and you're not going to be able to stop an attack of 7 or 8 people effectively with a rifle. Unless your scope is out of focus, or you're slow, you're not going to be able to land your shot on that large of a target. But with a sniper, it's pretty much a given. There's also the fact that anti-armor rounds are really only useful against headshots. When they hit armor, they don't just bounce off. That's what Kevlar is for, to stop or slow the bullet down. Even if you have a fairly good chance of hitting a headshot, you'll still have a good chance of missing, even at ranges of over 100 yards. So, even with a sniper rifle, you're really only useful in a very specific situation. Which, in that scenario, you're likely to find yourself in. What if you were close? What if you're engaging a small number of targets that are spread out? The.308 can't hit every one, because it's not optimized for that. And it's not entirely clear



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